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  Aqua Borne Ceramic™ Interior Flat Finish is the only flat paint that washes as well as a semi-gloss or eggshell finish. Now you can decorate with a fashionable and durable interior finish available in nearly 1500 beautiful custom colors. Use the Millennium™ Web Deck to help select the right color.
Why is Aqua Borne Ceramic™ Paint absolutely the best paint you can buy?
By combining ceramic microspheres with the highest quality 100% acrylic resins, Ceramic sheds dirt and stains like a semi-gloss or eggshell finish. Dirt and stains roll right off the microspheres that guard the surface. Even harsh household or industrial cleaners can't hurt a Ceramic finish.
See Ceramic Paint work with your own eyes!
Unlike regular paint pigments that are irregularly shaped, Ceramic microspheres are perfectly shaped spheres. There aren't any sharp edges or jagged peaks to break off or wear down. Ceramic spheres roll over one another easily making application a breeze. There is less drag and brushing, and rolling and spraying are improved.
Use Ceramic in places you never dreamed of using a flat paint: kitchens, baths, playrooms, hallways, kid's rooms…anywhere you need a highly durable, washable, stain-resistant finish. Use Ceramic in commercial buildings where you have always been afraid to use a flat paint: entranceways, foyers, hallways, lobbies, showrooms…anywhere where fashion dictates a flat finish and common sense says to use a semi-gloss or eggshell. See how easy it is to care for Aqua Borne Ceramic™ surfaces.
Aqua Borne Ceramic finishes are ideal for medical and dental facilities.
Graham also offers absolutely the best house paint you can buy. Aqua Borne Ceramic™ Lo-Sheen House & Trim uses the same technology that has made Ceramic Interior Flat a huge success. We feel so strongly about this great new product we warranty it for as long as you own your home!
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